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i was born a confused child.. i'm sorry.. hehe

hey people..

incase some of you dont know.. (and i'm sure most of you dont realize/remember this since it was AGES ago since i last wrote... ) it would be MUCH appreciated if you wrote a little intro or something on here telling us (ermm... well me anyway) what graduating year you are and stuff.. basically who you are.. hehehe.. not that it would affect ur being accepted or anything, but.... its just WAAAY too time-consuming (i.e. five mins equals too long for lazy-ol'-me hehe) for me to go through your journals to figure out who u are.. hehehe.. not that even if i saw ur pic or name, i'd know who u are.. just if it sounds familiar.. u know? heheh... alright.. that's all... THANKS! :)

<3 so_on
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