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warning: lots of ranting

what is up with spirit week this year? i know bearcat council is new and all, but could the days get any more pathetic? if you're on bearcat council, you probably want to stop reading here because i will bitch about spirit week. let's dissect.

crazy hat/crazy tie day: oh honestly. how many people really own "crazy" hats or "crazy ties"? look, everyone looked the same today. and guys just threw on their nearest baseball/trucker hat and the girls wore their cute little outfits and used a tie as a belt. you know people are just pretending to be spirited so as to be able to get out of wearing the uniform.

school boy/school girl day: i laughed when i first heard about this. and you know why? because its just an excuse for guys see girls dressed up as britney spears. as if "school boy" uniforms are all that much different from the ISM uniform. you might as well call it "britney spears fantasy" day.

backwards day: what the hell is that? what self respecting person is going to put on their clothes backwards?! it's not funny or quirky, its just plain stupid. hopefully, people will take this as cross-dressing day and that might actually be fun. but wearing your clothes the wrong way around? thats just stupidity.

okay, enough ranting. no wait, whatever happened to cool days like "rockstar day" and "trucker/biker day" and the one i specifically asked tsubasa for "GQ/Vogue day"? come on. i really hope they have "GQ/Vogue day" next spirit week. at least then people will have an excuse to come to school looking good.

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